The unrivalled flavour of Pressoirs de Provence products is not a myth. When blind tasted by amateur or professional gourmet jurors, Pressoirs de Provence juices win awards.

Over 90 medals

Every year, the Concours Général Agricole de Paris holds blind tasting events to select and reward the best local products in France. Pressoirs de Provence has taken part in almost every edition and won over 90 medals. Award-winning in the apple juice / grape juice / industrial and artisanal nectar / fruit juice cocktail categories, Pressoirs de Provence enchants the jurors every year, whether they are amateur or professional gourmets.


Pure Apple Raspberry Juice (2018)
Pure Muscat Grape Juice (2017)
Williams Pear Nectar (2015)
Pure Apple Blackcurrant Juice (2014)
Pure Apple Orange Passion Fruit Juice (2014)
Apple Lemon Nectar (2013)
Pure Orange Mango Juice (2004)
Exotic Fruits Cocktail (2003)
Fruit Cocktail (2002)
Apricot Nectar (2002)
Pure Apple Juice (1999)


Pure Muscat Grape Juice (2019)
Pure Apple Raspberry Juice (2019)
Cloudy Apple (2017)
Pure Organic Apple Beetroot Juice (2016)
Williams Pear Nectar (2014)
Fruit Cocktail (2014, 2000)
Apricot Nectar (2007, 2003)
Pure Grape Juice (2005)
Pure Muscat Grape Juice (2003)
Red Fruits Cocktail (2002, 2001)


Pure Cloudy Provence Apple Juice (2023)
Pure Red Grape Juice (2018)
Pure Apple Raspberry Juice (2016)
Apricot Nectar (2016, 2014, 2004, 2001)
Fruit Cocktail (2015, 2012)
Pure Pineapple Juice (2015)
Red Fruits Cocktail (2012)
Exotic Fruits Cocktail (2011, 2005)
Williams Pear Nectar (2011)
Pure Reinette Apple Juice (2006)
Pure Apple Juice (1998)

As well as many other medals received for juices and nectars we produce as white label products for other brands.

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All of our 100% pressed fruit juices are immediately bottled after pressing and pasteurisation. Because they contain no additives, they retain most of their original vitamins, minerals and flavour.

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