Effort and know-how eventually pay off. Since its creation, the Pressoirs de Provence brand has gradually achieved real legitimacy as a craft juice maker, particularly with top starred chefs.

A journey and commitment recognised by the prestigious Culinary College of France

In early 2019, the Culinary College of France, referent and guardian of the French gastronomic culture and the values it embodies, inducted Pressoirs de Provence into the very select Quality Artisanal Producers group. This recognition is bestowed on artisanal producers who, through their history, their production methods and their values, actively promote the diversity and quality of French products to the general public.

At Pressoirs de Provence, we are especially proud of this distinction, which is a true recognition of our commitments. Since our creation, our primary objective has been to sublimate the fruit produced by the quality work of the growers, indisputable partners of the craft juice maker. We like to think that, on its own scale, Pressoirs de Provence is a true purveyor of the richness and originality of a terroir and a craft practised with passion for nearly 40 years.