Our fruit processing activity naturally places us in the heart of farm production

Our concern for the quality of the fruits and vegetables we source also extends to the quality and sustainability of their production.

It is, of course, obvious that without fruit, there is no fruit juice. We also noticed that our contributors had a number of issues on their farms and wondered how we could help them produce better and live better from their activity.

For nature to provide its very best, it needs a helping hand. We’ve been taught since we were children that for a tree to bear fruit, it must have flowers and they must be pollinated. The vectors of this natural phenomenon are primarily the wind and such pollinators as the bee, which is the best known.

We can’t really tame or control the wind but we do know that many species of pollinators are under threat and face serious health, chemical and other hazards that science has not yet identified.

In light of this, we decided to contribute to the preservation and re-establishment of these species by donating a portion of our sales to fund this endeavour.

We chose to focus on the following:

  • Funding assistance for research on the causes of pollinator mortality and appropriate solutions
  • Funding assistance for research on the impact of plant protection products and possible alternative solutions
  • Re-establishment of hives and colonies in orchards
  • Support for bee keeper and farmer training programmes

We are committed to long-term collaborative work with professionals from all relevant fields (operational and scientific) to contribute to a better and more productive environment.

By helping nature, we help those whose livelihoods depend on it and we help ourselves as consumers. When you buy a Pressoirs de Provence bottle in the organic range, we donate 2 cents to this collective effort.

To learn more about this endeavour, contact us at contact@pressoirs-de-provence.com