Artisan juicer for 40 years


At the origin of Pressoirs de Provence, Sojufel Provence Production has been producing fruit juice since 1982. After becoming a reference in its field and bolstered by its expertise, the company decided to launch its own brand in 1997: Pressoirs de Provence. The idea was to promote the produce of Provençal farmers under this new brand while also providing consumers with a quality juice combining all of Sojufel’s expertise.

In 2009, the Redheuil family took over the company with the aim of accelerating the development of Pressoirs de Provence while remaining true to the fundamentals of its philosophy towards its growers and the consumer. In practical terms, to capitalise on its Provençal roots and privileged relationships with its growers while consolidating its subtle and assertive positioning as a brand that is simultaneously innovative, traditional, and assessable while remaining affordable.

Given the awards won in blind tastings, the recognition earned within the French gastronomy, and the prices charged by the brand, it’s clear that 8 years later, the gamble is about to be won! The renewal of the brand’s visual identity in 2016 also helped breathe new life into the brand.


In concrete terms, it is a question of capitalizing on its Provencal anchorage and its privileged links with its producers, while affirming its subtle and assumed position as a innovative and artisanal brand, accessible by all.